One to One Training

Netball Excellence Training work with athletes both in person (Hertfordshire based) and online (global) to help them to reach the next level of their performance in the game.

In our one to one sessions, we take pride in getting to know each athlete individually, know what motivates them and understand what their goals are for their game so that we can devise our training sessions to support and challenge their performance and training both physically and mentally for bets results.

We take time to focus on and perfect the basics before using these fundamental skills to help players unlock a deeper understanding of the tactical side of their game.

We have worked with players from all ages and abilities to help them to build confidence, improve skills and excel their performance on the court.

Whether they have gone onto trialling for county performance programmes, playing in NPL squads at their franchise or being selected for a full game at club level, our athletes success if what motivates them to keep training with us week to week.

Take a look at the testimonials from some of our athletes below.

If you would like to enquire about how you can book a session with us, send us a message using the contact box below.


Ava Jhuti | U12 Club Athlete

1:1 Training

After researching coaches for several weeks, I decided to use Jenni for some 1:1 coaching. Ava plays for a competitive club but starting netball late, she was not taught the basic in the sport.

Straight away, Jenni bonded with Ava with her warm, positive, and cheery personality.

The training is for an hour, they are simple but effective drills that build up throughout the session. One thing I think is a massive help for Ava is, Jenni will take her time to interact with her and ask why they are doing certain things and explain the reasoning behind each drill.

I can see a massive improvement in Ava’s netball skills and more importantly her confidence and passion has grown week on week. Even more impressive, Ava’s coaches at the club have seen a huge improvement from the beginning of summer to the start of the season after just one summer of training.

Ava loves each session with Jenni and both Ava and I cannot praise Jenni’s enthusiasm to develop young players to their full potential enough.


Amelia Mead | U15 London Pulse Training Partner

1:1 Training

My daughter found Jenni during lockdown when she was really struggling missing the sport she loved so much.

Jenni’s sessions not only helped Amelia lift her game they had such a positive impact on her mental health. Jenni has continued to support Amelia and encouraged her to begin her Franchise netball journey, to aim high and pursue her passion.

Jenni is a constant source of knowledge, positivity and encouragement.

Saoirse El-Khouri | U11 Club Player

1:1 Training

We had such an amazingly positive experience with Jenni in a 1:1 session.

My 11 year old daughter wanted to secure teh basics in netball before starting secondary school, Jenni highly recommended on Facebook. She really helped massively.

My daughter said she learned more in one hour than she had throughout primary school.

Jenni is very kind and really engaged with my daughter. Little reminder videos were a great idea for when she was practicing what she learned at home.

Marni Cinnamond | U13 County Player

1:1 Training

Jenni’s been an amazing coach for my daughter, she has built her confidence as a netball payer, improved her skills, performance and her mindset. 

She really enjoys her 1:1 sessions as Jenni has a knack of making hard work fun. 

Jenni is hugely knowledgeable both as a coach and as a player and not only helping with the technical side but also the mental side of the game.

The direct feedback that the sessions give have really helped my daughter take her game to the next level and achieve her goals. 

Jenni was also invaluable during the trial process, she was incredibly supportive taking a lot of the worry out of it.

My daughter describes Jenni as her ‘netball mentor’ and has built a fantastic rapport with her.

I would recommend Jenni to anyone aspiring to be a better netball player.