July 1, 2022


The importance of finding the flair in your own game and not trying to be exactly like somebody else 

We all love watching our favourite team and wishing we could play like your favourite players. And I agree that I wish that I could intercept like Fadoju or shoot like Cardwell…they are the best at what they do. 

But if we spend so much time changing our game to be like other players then we will loose the flair you have in your own game. 

When it comes to trials and squad performances, coaches are looking for players who stand out on their own merit. Can do something that other players can’t. Can give the team or the game a different layer. 

If you spend your time training to be like another player, you loose your own unique flair. 

So here’s my advice. 

Have a think about what makes you unique in your team. Perhaps you are physically stronger than other players so can hold well in the shooting circle, perhaps you can sprint a short distance faster than anybody else on your team, perhaps you are able to read the game well and pick up the flying intercepts the best. 

Whatever it is. OWN IT! And think of it as your super power. 

Whilst you shouldn’t disregard trying to develop other skills…especially the fundamental ones, know what makes you different and unique and PLAY LIKE YOU. 

You will never be able to play like somebody else quite as well anyway!